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ЕРГ 16

Forensic science processes


Sub committee

Nadya Rangelova

Desislava Gulenova

+359 2 817 4581


Basic standards, environment, health and services


Standardization in the field of:
- Collection of samples at scene of crime, recording and packaging of various types of physical material for forensic purposes and storage of forensic evidence;
- Delivery of forensic science results through the processes of forensic science examinations and laboratory analysis of various types of physical material;
- Evaluation and interpretation of the results of forensic science examinations and laboratory analysis in the context of the cases;
- Reporting results and conclusions from forensic science examinations and laboratory analysis and the standardization of the documentation used for forensic purposes;
- Forensic evidence source handling principles in order to ensure integrity of forensic evidence from the scene of crime to court;
- Standardization of the way forensic databases are established and used as well as processing of forensic science data stored in forensic databases;
- Specifications for products used for collection, examination, laboratory analysis of items, and delivery of forensic results as well as for processing data and management of evidence.

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Relation to mirrors committee

This BDS/TC is a mirror of the following European and international technical committees

CEN/TC 419

Forensic Science Processes

Originator: CEN
P member

CEN/TC 419

Forensic Science Processes

To ensure the integrity of the forensic process (as a single process), the Project Committee should develop European Standards which lay down the provisions for forensic science processes, which start at the scene of crime, through the recognition, recording, recovery, transportation and storage of material followed by the examination, analysis of material, interpretation of results, reporting and data exchange

Originator: CEN

P member

ISO/TC 272

Forensic sciences

Originator: ISO
O member

ISO/TC 272

Forensic sciences

Standardization and guidance in the field of Forensic Science. This includes the development of standards that pertain to laboratory and field based forensic science techniques and methodology in broad general areas such as the detection and collection of physical evidence, the subsequent analysis and interpretation of the evidence, and the reporting of results and findings. Excludes Generic quality management standards dealt with by ISO/TC 176; Conformity assessment guidelines dealt with by the ISO committee on conformity assessment (CASCO).

Originator: ISO

O member