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ISO/TS 37444

Electronic fee collection — Charging performance framework

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60.00     20.03.2023 г.


ISO/TC 204

Техническа спецификация

35.240.60     03.220.20  

Обект и област на приложение

The document defines and specifies the metrics as well as the examination framework for the purpose of evaluation of performance of the charging chain in EFC-systems. It focuses on data used for information exchange over specific interoperable interfaces.

It provides a toolbox for the metrics and examination framework for both involved roles, i.e. toll chargers and the toll service providers.

The following types of EFC systems are considered:
- discrete systems; and
- continuous systems.

The following EFC system technologies are inside the scope of this specification:
- DSRC based systems;
- ANPR (CCTV) based systems; and
- autonomous systems.

The detailed choice of the set of metrics and examination tests to be used depends on the application and the respective context. Compliance with this specification is understood as using the definitions and prescriptions laid out in this specification whenever the respective system aspects are subjected to performance measurements, rather than using other definitions and examination methods than the ones specified in this specification.

The metrics and examination framework are explicitly defined for the two phases of an EFC-system lifetime:
- evaluation phase (e.g. applied in supply selection, commissioning, ram-up of EFC systems); and
- monitoring phase (e.g. applied in SLA measuring in real system operation).

Depending on the individual EFC-system lifetime phase, the system type (discrete or continuous) and technology (DSRC, ANPR, GNSS) the sources of data to be used in the examination will vary. Such variations are considered in the definition of the individual metrics.

Metrics and their examination procedures are defined for different areas or the E2E-data processing chain in an EFC-system, like
- end-to-end;
- user accounts;
- payment claims;
- billing details; and
- toll declarations.

This document covers:
- the explanation of the chosen methodology;
- the definition of charging performance metrics (including their applicability for different system types and different technologies);
- the definition of the examination framework, including supporting elements like sources of data to be used, characteristics of test routes etc;
- the specification and profiling of evaluation tests depending on the respective EFC system technology and system type.

- In addition, the document will provide a template for test documentation as well as statistical considerations in informative annexes.

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ISO/TS 17444-1:2017

ISO/TS 17444-2:2017


ISO/TS 37444
60.00 Подготовка за публикуване
20.03.2023 г.

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