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ISO/WD 7603

Decentralized Identity standard for the identification of subjects and objects

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20.98     23.06.2023 г.


ISO/TC 307

Международен стандарт

Обект и област на приложение

A standard for the design and use of decentralized and self-sovereign identification of subjects (legal entities and natural persons) and objects, assets within the design of Blockchain and DLT Systems, in conjunction with Verifiable Credentials (VCs).
The standard will refer to available identification standards from ISO as well as other standardization bodies, such as W3C, GLEIF, IETF, ITU, IEEE, etc. and non-standardization global consortiums, such as DIF, TOIP, and the Kantara Initiative.
Purpose is to support developers to deliver cost and time efficient development of high quality
Blockchain and DLT systems for managing identity across a defined architectural stack.
To create awareness of available standards of subjects (legal entities and natural persons) and objects and to give an overview of existing identifier standards.

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ISO/WD 7603
20.98 Отхвърлен проект
23.06.2023 г.