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ISO/WD 37114

Sustainable cities and communities — Appraisal framework for datasets and data processing methods that create urban management information

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20.60     26.11.2022 г.


ISO/TC 268

Международен стандарт

Обект и област на приложение

This document provides appraisal framework to create and use urban management information derived from statistics, objectives, indicators and long-term goals for sustainable development of cities and communities. This document enables numerous combinations of data sources and data processing methods, making it easier to create and maintain urban management information and get ready for value mining of the big data of cities and communities.
The methodology is presented as a conceptual framework that allows implementation in a variety of ways. This can include the use of spreadsheets and databases on both a desktop and an online basis. This document aids the communication among various stakeholders such as top management, data enablers, data architects, property owners, facilities management (including asset management), statistics bodies, and so on. The methodology is also technologically agnostic, allowing organizations to adopt different technical solutions to generate and use data in line with specific UN SDGs, sustainability purposes and issues, objectives, or indicators.
This document includes data-specific guidance to implement the overarching strategy elaborated by ISO 37106 as being citizen-centric, digital and open and collaborative. This document does not include statistics or guidance on how to use the ISO 37120 series.
Although not an AI subject standard, this document will be AI-compatible to facilitate cities and communities to get ready for the future application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the digital development topics relevant to sustainable cities and communities, including the use of AI techniques to process and analyse data collected from various owners, and to identify and solve problems that cities and communities face, to aid decision-making and achieve the sustainability purposes (as listed by ISO 37101) and UN Sustainable Development Goals in long term.

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ISO/WD 37114
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26.11.2022 г.