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ISO/TS 8000-82:2022

Data quality — Part 82: Data quality assessment: Creating data rules
14.06.2022 г.

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60.60     14.06.2022 г.


ISO/TC 184/SC 4

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This document describes how data rules apply to various types of data. Such rules exist to sustain the integrity and reliability of data by capturing requirements into a form that can be processed by databases and other information systems.
The following are within the scope of this document:
—    fundamental concepts of data rules;
—    key characteristics of data rules for common types of data, where these types are identifier, currency value, quantity, date or time, rate, free‑text entry, code and key;
—    how data profiling contributes to formulating effective data rules.
The following is outside the scope of this document:
—    specific rules for specific sets of data.
This document can be used in conjunction with or independently of standards for quality management systems.
EXAMPLE 1   ISO 9001 specifies requirements for quality management systems.
This document can also be used in conjunction with or independently of standards for more detailed definitions of data types.
EXAMPLE 2   ISO/IEC 11404 specifies the nomenclature and shared semantics for a collection of datatypes commonly occurring in programming languages and software interfaces.
EXAMPLE 3   IEC 61360‑1 specifies principles for the definition of the properties and associated attributes and explains the methods for representing verbally defined concepts.

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ISO/TS 8000-82:2022
60.60 Публикуван стандарт
14.06.2022 г.