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ISO 15799:2019

Soil quality — Guidance on the ecotoxicological characterization of soils and soil materials
12.03.2019 г.

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60.60     12.03.2019 г.


ISO/TC 190/SC 4

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This document is one of a family of International Standards providing guidance on soils and soil materials in relation to certain functions and uses including conservation of biodiversity. It applies in conjunction with these other standards. It provides guidance on the selection of experimental methods for the assessment of the ecotoxic potential of soils and soil materials (e.g. excavated and remediated soils, refills, embankments) with respect to their intended use and possible adverse effects on aquatic and soil dwelling organisms.
NOTE This is a reflection of the maintenance of the habitat and retention function of the soil. In fact, the methods listed in this document are suitable for usage in a TRIAD approach, i.e. for an ecological assessment of potentially contaminated soils (see ISO 19204).
This document does not cover tests for bioaccumulation.
The ecological assessment of uncontaminated soils with a view to natural, agricultural or horticultural use is not within the scope of this document. Such soils can be of interest if they can serve as a reference for the assessment of soils from contaminated sites.
The interpretation of results gained by applying the proposed methods is not in the scope of this document.

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ISO 15799:2003


ISO 15799:2019
60.60 Публикуван стандарт
12.03.2019 г.

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Качество на почви. Ръководство за екотоксикологично характеризиране на почви и почвени материали (ISO 15799:2019)

60.60 Публикуван стандарт

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