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ISO 24500:2010

Ergonomics — Accessible design — Auditory signals for consumer products
22.09.2010 г.

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90.93     9.05.2022 г.


ISO/TC 159/SC 5

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13.180     11.180.15  

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ISO 24500:2010 specifies the auditory signals used as a means of feedback for operations or conditions of consumer products when used by a person with or without visual or auditory impairment. It is intended to be applied as appropriate to such products depending on the product type and its conditions of use.
It is applicable to auditory signals of a fixed frequency used in general applications (also called “beep sounds”), but not to variable frequency or melodic sounds.
It does not specify fire or gas leak alarm sounds or crime prevention alarm sounds (determined by other laws and regulations), electronic chimes, voice guides or other sounds particular to communication instruments such as telephones; nor is it applicable to auditory danger signals for public or work areas (covered in ISO 7731, ISO 8201, and ISO 11429).
It is not applicable to machines and equipment used for professional work; nor does it specify the sound pressure levels of auditory signals from the consumer products (for the determination of these levels, taking into consideration accessible design, see ISO 24501).

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ISO 24500:2010
90.93 Решение за продължаване на действието на стандарт
9.05.2022 г.

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