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БДС EN 16602-70-29:2014

Осигуряване на продукт за космическа техника. Определяне на продукти на дегазация от материалите и монтираните елементи, използвани в кабината на екипажа на космически кораб

Space product assurance - Determination of offgassing products from materials and assembled articles to be used in a manned space vehicle crew compartment
21.01.2015 г.

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90.60     3.06.2020 г.



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All non­metallic materials release trace contaminants into the surrounding environment; the extent to which this occurs is dependent on the nature of the material concerned. In the closed environment of a manned spacecraft contaminants within the atmosphere are potentially dangerous with respect to toxicity and its consequences for the safety of the crew.
This Standard defines a test procedure for the determination of the trace contaminants release by non­metallic materials under a set of closely controlled conditions. The test procedure covers both individual materials and assembled articles.
In this Standard the supplier means the testing authority that is responsible for specifying and executing the offgassing tests.
This Standard describes a test to provide data for aid in the evaluation of the suitability of assembled articles and materials for use in a space vehicle crew compartment. The data obtained are in respect of the nature and quantity of organic and inorganic volatile contaminants evolved when subjected to the crew compartment environment.
This standard may be tailored for the specific characteristics and constrains of a space project in conformance with ECSS-S-ST-00.

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БДС EN 14100:2004


БДС EN 16602-70-29:2014
90.60 Край на периодичен преглед
3.06.2020 г.

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