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БДС EN 12268:2014

Машини за обработване на хранителни продукти. Машини с лентов трион. Изисквания за безопасност и за хигиена

Food processing machinery - Band saw machines - Safety and hygiene requirements
21.01.2015 г.

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1.1 General
This European Standard specifies requirements for the design and manufacturing of band saw machines as described in 1.2 (see Figures 1 to 5).
The machines covered by this European Standard are used to cut:
- bones;
- fresh or deep frozen meat with or without bones ;
- fresh or deep frozen fish, natural or in fillets ;
- deep frozen block food products;
- fresh or deep frozen vegetables;
- other products such as pork fat or similar products.
The band saw machines covered by this European Standard do not include band saw machines for processing wood and similar materials which are covered by the EN 1807 series.
Band saw machines for domestic use are not included in this European Standard.
This document is not applicable to band saw machines which were manufactured before its date of publication as EN.
This European Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to band saw machines, when they are used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer (see Clause 4).
This European Standard deals with the hazards which can arise during all the lifetime of the machine, including the phases of transport, assembly, commissioning, operation, cleaning, use, maintenance, decommissioning, dismantling, disabling and scrapping of the machine.
This European Standard covers the following types of machines:
- band saw machines designed as table-top machines with and without base;
- band saw machines designed as floor-type machines with and without castors.
1.2 Description of various machine types
1.2.1 General
Band saw machines consist of a machine casing, a fixed feed table or a sliding feed table, a roller conveyor or conveyor belt, a product pusher, a height-adjustable protective rail, a top and a bottom wheel, a saw blade, an upper and lower blade guide, a blade tensioning device, a drive and electrical components, depending on machine type. This standard does not deal with machinery with automatic loading/unloading systems (e.g. automatic conveyors).
On floor-type band saw machines, the product to be cut is placed by hand onto the fixed feed table or sliding feed table and pushed against the cutting zone of the saw blade by means of the product pusher or the rear table wall on the sliding feed table or by means of the roller conveyor or conveyor belt and sawed.
1.2.2 Type A
Band saw machine with a fixed feed table and a non-detachable, movable product pusher:
Maximum cutting height SH ≤ 250 mm.
1.2.3 Type B
Band saw machine with a fixed feed table, a protective rail and a maximum cutting height < 420 mm.
1.2.4 Type C
Band saw machine with a sliding feed table, a protective rail and a maximum cutting height ≤ 420 mm.
1.2.5 Type D
Band saw machine with non-automatic feed and removal unit (e.g. roller conveyor, conveyor belt); maximum cutting height SH ≤ 550 mm.

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