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БДС EN 60335-2-14:2006/A11:2012

Битови и подобни електрически уреди. Безопасност. Част 2-14: Специфични изисквания за кухненски машини

Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-14: Particular requirements for kitchen machines
15.08.2012 г.

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60.60     15.08.2012 г.

октомври 2026



Европейски стандарт

13.120     97.040.50  


AC:2013; AC:2016



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Обект и област на приложение

This clause of Part 1 is replaced by the following.
This European Standard deals with the safety of electric kitchen machines for household and similar purposes, their rated voltage being not more than 250 V.
NOTE Z101 Examples of appliances that are within the scope of this standard are
_ bean slicers;
_ berry-juice extractors;
_ blenders;
_ can openers;
_ centrifugal juicers;
_ churns;
_ citrus-fruit squeezers;
_ coffee mills not exceeding 500 g hopper capacity;
_ cream whippers;
_ egg beaters;
_ food mixers;
_ food processors;
_ grain grinders not exceeding 3 l hopper capacity;
_ graters;
_ ice-cream machines, including those for use in refrigerators and freezers;
_ knife sharpeners;
_ knives;
_ mincers;
_ noodle makers;
_ potato peelers;
_ shredders;
_ sieving machines;
_ slicing machines.
Appliances intended to be used by laymen in shops and other premises for normal housekeeping purposes, are within the scope of this standard.

NOTE Z102 Examples of appliance for household environment are appliances for typical housekeeping functions used in the household environment that may also be used by non expert users for typical housekeeping functions:
_ in shops and other similar working environments;
_ in farm houses;
_ by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;
_ in bed and breakfast type environments.

NOTE Z103 Household environments include the dwelling and its associated buildings, the garden, etc.
As far as is practicable, this standard deals with the common hazards presented by appliances that are encountered by all persons in household and similar environments.
However, in general, it does not take into account children playing with appliances and their use by very young children.
It does not take into account the use of the following appliances by young children and by older children:
1) bean slicers;
2) berry-juice extractors;
3) blenders and hand-held blenders;
4) centrifugal juicers;
5) coffee mills not exceeding 500 g hopper capacity;
6) churns;
7) food mixers;
8) food processors;
9) grain grinders not exceeding 3 l hopper capacity;
10) knife sharpeners;
11) knives;
12) mincers;
13) noodle makers;
14) potato peelers;
15) shredders;
16) sieving machines;
17) slicing machines.
It does not take into account also the use of the following appliances by young children without supervision:
18) can openers;
19) citrus-fruit squeezers;
20) cream whippers;
21) egg beaters;
22) graters;
23) ice-cream machines, including those for use in refrigerators and freezers.
It is recognized that very vulnerable people may have needs beyond the level addressed in this standard.
NOTE Z104 Attention is drawn to the fact that
_ for appliances intended to be used in vehicles or on board ships or aircraft, additional requirements may be necessary;
_ in many countries additional requirements are specified by the national health authorities, the national authorities responsible for the protection of labour and similar authorities.

NOTE Z105 This standard does not apply to
_ slicing machines having a circular knife the blade of which is inclined at an angle exceeding 45° to the vertical;
_ food waste disposers (EN 60335-2-16);
_ ice-cream appliances with incorporated motor compressors (EN 60335-2-24);
_ kitchen machines intended for commercial purposes (EN 60335-2-64);
_ kitchen machines intended for industrial purposes;
_ kitchen machines intended to be used in locations where special conditions prevail, such as the presence of a corrosive or explosive atmosphere (dust, vapour or gas).

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БДС EN 60335-2-14:2006


БДС EN 60335-2-14:2006/A11:2012
60.60 Публикуван стандарт
15.08.2012 г.


БДС EN 60335-2-14:2006/A11:2012/AC:2013

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