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БДС EN 1889-1:2011

Минни машини. Подвижни машини, работещи под земята. Безопасност. Част 1: Безрелсови превозни средства с пневматични гуми

Machines for underground mines - Mobile machines working underground - Safety - Part 1: Rubber tyred vehicles
17.10.2011 г.
95.99 Отменен стандарт   21.12.2020 г.

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95.99     21.12.2020 г.



Европейски стандарт





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Обект и област на приложение

1.1 This European Standard specifies the safety requirements and tests for self-propelled rubber tyred vehicles as defined in 3.1 intended primarily for use in underground mining (i.e. as mine vehicles) and other underground workings (e.g. as tunnelling vehicles). The electrical supply voltage is limited to 1100 A.C. and 1500 D.C.
1.2 This European Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and hazardous events, applying to self-propelled, rubber-tyred vehicles, subject to being used according to their intended purpose and prevailing manufacturer’s conditions and within the scope of foreseeable misuse. This European Standard describes appropriate action to be taken to avoid or minimize the risk of significant hazards.
1.3 This European Standard does not include rubber tyred drilling rigs, which are covered by EN 791, or earth-moving machinery not intended primarily for use in underground mines, which are covered by EN 474 (all parts). This European Standard does not take account of specific hazards associated with special-purpose vehicles, e.g. tankers, explosives vehicles.
This standard does not cover the use and operation of rubber-tyred vehicles being remotely controlled or operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.
1.4 This European Standard applies to vehicles which are manufactured after the date of issue of this standard.
1.5 This European standard does not consider the use of vehicles in explosive atmosphere.

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БДС EN 1889-1:2004


БДС EN 1889-1:2011
95.99 Отменен стандарт
21.12.2020 г.


БДС EN ISO 19296:2019

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