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БДС EN 60896-22:2006

Стационарни оловни батерии. Част 22: Видове батерии с предпазен клапан. Изисквания (IEC 60896-22:2004)

Stationary lead-acid batteries - Part 22: Valve regulated types - Requirements
10.08.2006 г.

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60.60     10.08.2006 г.



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This part of EN 60896 applies to all stationary lead-acid cells and monobloc batteries of the valve regulated type for float charge applications, (i.e. permanently connected to a load and to a d.c. power supply), in a static location (i.e. not generally intended to be moved from place to place) and incorporated into stationary equipment or installed in battery rooms for use in telecom, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), utility switching, emergency power or similar applications. The objective of this part of EN 60896 is to assist the specifier in the understanding of the purpose of each test contained within EN 60896-21 and provide guidance on a suitable requirement that will result in the battery meeting the needs of a particular industry application and operational condition. This standard is used in conjunction with the common test methods described in EN 60896-21 and is associated with all types and construction of valve regulated stationary lead-acid cells and monoblocs used in standby power applications.

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БДС EN 60896-22:2006
60.60 Публикуван стандарт
10.08.2006 г.

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Въвежда EN 60896-22:2004

Въвежда IEC 60896-22:2004 ED1