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БДС EN 12799:2004

Спояване с твърд припой. Изпитване без разрушаване на съединения, споени с твърд припой

Brazing - Non-destructive examination of brazed joints
11.06.2004 г.

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90.93     6.05.2010 г.

90.00    6.05.2015 г.



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This European Standard describes non-destructive examination procedures and test piece types necessary to perform the tests on brazed joints. The non-destructive examination methods described are as follows: a) visual examination (see clause 4); b) ultrasonic examination (see clause 5); c) radiographic examination (see clause 6); d) penetrant examination (see clause 7); e) leak testing (see clause 8); f) proof testing (see clause 9); g) thermography (see clause 10). The brazed joints to which these tests are applied can either be test samples manufactured to obtain brazed joint design data, or manufactured as part of the approval testing of a brazing procedure, or parts of a brazed assembly. The type of test piece described for each test can be quoted or incorporated in engineering application standards that deal with brazed assemblies. This European Standard does not recommend the number of samples to be tested or the repeat tests allowed. Neither does it specify methods of sampling brazed joints, except to give guidance regarding the precautions necessary, nor does it comment on the acceptance criteria applicable to any of the tests. No attempt is made to define which test or tests, if any , should be applied in any situation. This is a matter to be established before any particular method of test is selected. The methods of non-destructive examination are not associated with any particular type of brazed assembly but lay down the general principles of the types of testing described. It is emphasised that a satisfactory examination method can only be developed and used after taking into account all the relevant factors regarding the equipment to be used and the characteristics of the test piece being examined.

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БДС EN 12799:2004
90.93 Решение за продължаване на действието на стандарт
6.05.2010 г.

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