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prБДС EN 10337:2022

Покрити с цинк и цинкова сплав стоманени телове и дилки за предварително напрягане

Zinc and zinc alloy coated prestressing steel wires and strands

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Европейски стандарт

Обект и област на приложение

This European Standard specifies requirements for zinc and zinc alloy coated high tensile strength steel products, which are used for the prestressing of concrete and are also used for other tensile applications in the construction field. The standard only applies to products in the condition as supplied by the manufacturer.
NOTE 1 There are two main types of applications for these products:
- normal applications which include precast products , post tension products and ground anchors,
- high duty applications such as bridge stay cables and suspension bridge.

For coated [hot-dip zinc or zinc-aluminium (with 5 % aluminium)] smooth prestressing wires in nominal diameters 5 mm to 7 mm this standard specifies the requirements of technical classes with nominal tensile strengths of 1670 MPa ), 1770 MPa and 1860 MPa, categories A and B.
For coated [hot-dip zinc or zinc-aluminium (with 5 % aluminium)] 7 wire prestressing strands with nominal diameters 12,5 mm to 15,7 mm this standard specifies the requirements of technical classes with nominal tensile strengths 1770 MPa or 1860 MPa, and categories A and B.
NOTE 2 Categories A and B differ by the specified values for fatigue resistance and/or deflected tensile properties.
This specification may also be understood to cover other nominal diameters and/or higher technical (strength) classes of coated high tensile strength steel products whose details are not stated in this specification or Annex A but whose properties and evaluation and control are carried out consistent with those specified herein.
NOTE 3 The strands composed of seven hot-dip zinc or zinc-aluminium (with 5 % aluminium) coated wires can be delivered sheathed, or protected by grease or wax and sheathed; these products are not defined by this standard.
NOTE 4 This standard does not apply to hot-dip metal coated reinforcing steels.

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