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prБДС EN ISO 19152-2 rev:2023

Географска информация. Модел на домейн за администриране на области (LADM) (IISO/AWI 19152-2:2022)

Geographic information - Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) - Part 2: Land registration

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10.99     25.01.2022 г.

20.60    25.07.2022 г.



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Обект и област на приложение

Scope of the proposed deliverable

This part of ISO 19152 provides the concepts and detailed structure for standardization in the land administration domain. In order to achieve public policy objectives, some regulations use geographical spaces for mandating or enabling particular behaviours or outcomes. International law, constitutional law, public law and private law define different geographical spaces that juxtapose or overlap each other to produce a complex legal reality. Harmonizing and integrating the activities related to management of these legal spaces is the overarching idea of the land administration paradigm. Even if they differ in their objectives and normative sources, objects created by geo-regulation share basic components. This part of ISO 19152 defines a general schema that permits regulatory information to be described in information systems. Essentially, legal actors – individuals, organizations, States – (party) create among themselves sets of obligations (rights, restrictions, responsibilities) with the specificity of having a geographical component (spatial unit). The way the legal spaces related to reality is defined by the survey system (survey and representation). All these elements are recognized through legal instruments and official documents (source).

The first edition of this standard, ISO 19152:2012 concentrated on Land Administration, Land Registration and Cadastre. This information is about the relationship between people and land. This is now included in Part 2 with a more refined survey model. This part of the standard provides an abstract, conceptual model with three packages and one sub-package related to
• parties (people and organizations);
• basic administrative units, rights, responsibilities, and restrictions (ownership rights) -2];
• spatial units (parcels, and the legal space of buildings and utility networks and other geometry) with a sub-package on surveying and spatial representation (geometry and topology).

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БДС EN ISO 19152:2013


prБДС EN ISO 19152-2 rev:2023
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25.01.2022 г.

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