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prБДС HD 60364-7-701:2023

Електрически уредби за ниско напрежение. Част 7-701: Изисквания за уредби или места със специално предназначение. Помещения за бани с вана или душ

Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 7-701: Requirements for special installations or locations - Locations containing a bath or shower

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50.60     30.08.2019 г.



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Обект и област на приложение

IEC 60364-7-701:2019 applies to electrical installations in indoor or outdoor locations where a bath tub and/or a shower is intended to be permanently placed in a specific location.

The extent of the location containing a bath tub and/or a shower is limited by:

– the lowest finished floor level;

– a horizontal plane 3 m above the lowest finished floor level;

– a vertical circumscribing virtual surface at a distance of 4 m from the fixed water outlet for the bath tub or shower; and

– the volume within the walls, floor and ceiling that border the location containing a bath or shower, measured to a depth of 6 cm.

The requirements of this document also apply to fixed electrical installations in mobile applications, for example caravans, mobile homes, shower containers. This document does not apply to emergency facilities, for example emergency showers used in industrial areas or laboratories.

This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2006. This edition constitutes a technical revision.

This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

– the scope gives precisions relevant to the application of this document;

– the description of zones is improved;

– relevant terms are defined.

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prБДС HD 60364-7-701:2023
50.60 Край на гласуването
30.08.2019 г.

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